Useful tools for creatives making
There are 13 tools to make your creatives more clickable.

Hey media buyer! If you are reading this, it means you are interested to know how to make the most clickable creatives for your ad campaign. So let’s study out.

A creative is the first thing users face with when they see an advertisement. This is a creative, which is responsible to a great extent whether users go to the site or make a targeted action. We have found more than 10 services, which can be useful when you make your creatives. Some of them might seem weird or even funny but perhaps these very services will help you during creation.

We have written about services for media buyers before and analyzed various tools for comfortable and quick work: from spy-services and trackers to antidetect browsers and proxy. You can read about them here.

  1. Generated Photos – this service will help you to generate a human face, which does not exist in real life: an artificial intelligence will “draw” it.
    Price: free trial with 2 million photos of 512х512 resolution. 

  2. Clarifai – this service enables you to see what artificial intelligence sees on your creative. With its help you can predict whether Facebook admits such a creative.
    Price: free for personal usage. 

  3. @unikcreo_bot – a Telegram bot, which uniqualizes your creatives. To do it, just activate the bot and send it a photo or video up to 20 MB.
    Price: free.

  4. Cloud Vision – an artificial intelligence made by Google, which has a “Safe Search” function, the program analyzes photos according to the set criteria and gives ratings from “unlikely” to “most likely”. With the help of this software, you can test whether your creatives pass the moderation. 
    Price: free.

  5. – an online service, which enables you to create GIFs on your own. 
    Price: the first GIF is free, further – from 79 rubles per GIF.

  6. – using this service, you can fake screenshots of conversations in various social media and messengers as well as generate an email, if you need to register on a site, you do not trust your data. 
    Price: free.

  7. Synthesia – a service, which converts a text into a video. To do it, you need to write your text script, upload it to the site and click on “generate” button. Your video will be ready in a few minutes. The platform is available in 34 languages, including Russian.
    Price: the first video is free, further - from $30 per month.

  8. creates a random creative, which you can use or which can inspire you. 
    Price: free.

  9. is a site, which generates human faces, which do not exist in real life.
    Price: free.

  10.  – this service, made by NVIDIA enables you to erase small details from photos.  
    Price: free.

  11. Let's Enhance - this utility can twice rez up your photos. 
    Price: from $9 per month. You can upload 5 pictures as a test. 

  12. Unscreen can automatically cut out human figures from videos or GIFs. With its help, you can remove the initial background as well as to choose your own.
    Price: free with a watermark.

  13. DeepL Translate is a multi-language service of neural machine translation or just a translator of good quality. Many journalists notice that this service translates better than Google Translate and reflects more language features.
    Price: free.


Now you acquire a lot of tools to make converting creatives of high quality. But besides technical aspects, you need some theory. We recommend reading our manual of creatives making, in which we explain how to make creatives for dating traffic. 

Remember the most important thing: creatives do not fade. We wish you a high CR and more than 100% ROI!

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