Useful services for a media buyer
To succeed in buying traffic you need not only to be patient, creative and to have a desire to learn something new but also a lot of tools. In this article we have written about the necessary tools that we can recommend.

Useful services for a media buyer

Hey everyone! To succeed in buying traffic you need not only to be patient, creative and to have a desire to learn something new but also a lot of tools.

The official services, cracks, self-written programs and bots are like new outfits of Iron Man, each of them plays a certain role and can be useful in a certain situation. Our media buyers have shared all the experience they had with pleasure and told what services they use and can recommend to you.  


Spy-service is a program with the help of which media buyers can «spy» on the work of their colleagues, rivals (underline as necessary). They collect and keep the information about trending creatives and cases, and it will help you to save the money and the budget.   

Publer.Pro is a service which monitors ads on teaser networks, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. 
Price: free tariff with limitations. Paid tariff – from 1999 rubles per month. 
Promo code: «Affmy» gives you a 15% discount.

Anstrex – spy-service with a huge database. It literally allows you to set notifications to new launches of your rivals.
Price: from $69 per month. No trial period.
Promo code: «affmy_20» gives a 20% discount.

AdPlexity – a very popular spy-services of foreign media buyers. The program monitors ad campaigns in more than 75 countries, enables to download creatives and gives information about operating sources of traffic and offers.
Price: from $129 per month. No trial period. 

Antidetect browser

Antidetect browser is a kind of a «Invisibility Cloak», with its help you can change a Browser Fingerprint and uniqualize your work on the internet completely. Such a program helps to work simultaneously with many accounts, some antidetect browsers have a function of Automatic Account Management.

AdsPower is an antidetect browser, in which you can work using several accounts simultaneously. Besides the main antidetect functions, Adspower offers different packet solutions, for example, a checker of FB accounts and auto farm of business managers.
Price: from $10 per month. Free tariff with 2 profiles. 
Promo code: enter «AFFMY» or register here and get a 10% discount for the first month of subscription.

Octo Browser is a universal antidetect, which provides the maximum protection of confidentiality. The browser gives the real fingerprints, enables you to work with a team and provides full protection on the internet. 
Price: from €29 per month.

Aezakmi is an antidetect browser for safe work with multiple accounts on Facebook. With the help of this program users can work simultaneously with several accounts and create new browser profiles. It also has the tools for quick launch: accounts, Business Managers, affiliate proxy services.
Price: from $69 per month. Trial period – 2 days.
Promo code: «Affmy10» gives a 10% discount.


Tracker is an integral part when you work with a large volume of traffic. It helps to monitor not converting pre-landing pages and creatives, to know a device type and GEO of users. This program collects all the available information about a user, and a media buyer optimizes an ad campaign after having analyzed this information.

Keitaro – is a tracker for traffic arbitrage and ad campaigns optimization.
Price: from $25 per month.
Promo code: «AFFMY» gives a 20% discount for the first buy for new users.  

AdsBridge is a multitasking self-hosted tracker for traffic management with a built-in anti-fraud landing editor and extended statistics. This reliable service is more than 8 years in the arbitrage market.
Price: from $29 per month.
Promo code: «AFFMY25» gives a 25% discount for the first buy for new users.

Binom – is a self-hosted tracker and undisputed leader in click-processing and report-building speeds. Now AFFMY is included in the tracker template – it enables to create campaigns much faster, as all the settings and tokens for monitoring are pulled in automatically. If you have questions, Binom support will answer you in detail.
Price: $99 per month.
Promo code: enter «AFFMY» or register here and you will have 30 days of trial period and a 40% discount for the next month. 

White page

Another must-have in traffic arbitrage is a white page: it’s a page, which is shown to a moderator. With its help you can pass an ad campaign test even though you have a fake landing page. – is a free generator of white pages from NPPR team.

Ad-red is a paid generator of white pages.
Bonus: if you click here, you will get +50% to your first deposit.


The main tool with which a media buyer communicates with users is a creative. Often you need no professional skills of a designer to create them, that’s why online services solve such tasks. is an online service to create short videos for social media. You need no assembling skills, and it provides photos and videos from stocks in good quality. 
Price: from 990 rub. per month. It has a free tariff, using which you have the logo of this service on your video and the maximum length of a trailer – 40 seconds. is a set of tools which has a large number of professional templates, pictures, photo stocks and graphic elements.
Price: from $12.99 per month. It has a free tariff, which will be enough to solve media buying tasks.



Proxy – is an intermediary, which give information between a user and a site. Using proxy, you can change your information: location, IP and other data. The bought proxy-server helps users to stay anonymous in the network and by-pass an anti-fraud system. It is frequently used by media buyers who work with Facebook and Google. 

Proxy-sale is a site, on which you can find and buy a proxy for a certain country, social media, betting office and programs. The minimum proxy rental period is 7 days.
Promo code: «affmy20» gives a 20% discount for any order. is a service of proxy server rental. The advantages of this service are a lot of IP addresses,which change every 5 minutes,absolutely unlimited traffic, a huge choice of operators and a convenient tariff scale.
Promo code: «AFFMY» gives a 10% discount.

This is the end of the list, used by our media buyers. If you have services and sites, you can not imagine your work without and you want to share, welcome to the comments below. 

We wish you high ROI and profitable cases! Remember to subscribe to our telegram channel and the other social media.

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