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Relevant leads for Our Partners

Affmy is aimed at experienced webmasters only, so be sure you get more than expected.

With a meticulous moderation process, our webmasters are individually moderated based on their traffic generation skills and experience to respond to our assent standards. After joining the Affmy, we will match your ad campaigns with the suitable type of traffic you need to reach desired goals.

Leads Quality Monitoring

We gathered traffic experts from differents verticals to monitor and estimate traffic and leads for your business. Exceptional Fraud Detection Affmy CPA Network knows how to recognize traffic fraud in the niche you dealing with. Using regular automatic and hand-operated fraud checks, we got youк ad campaigns covered.


We do quality over quantity! Maybe you won't find a thousand offers in our CPA network, that's because our team chooses them carefully. Here in Affmy we have a big SEO and media buying department, we test all our offers by ourselves to provide you with statistics and best promo materials that really work for conversions.

We care about your traffic

That is why we have a scope of international offers, and we also provide a special link generated individually for each webmaster to make profitable each click.

Offers From Direct Advertisers

You can be sure you will get highest commissions for your conversions, that's the result of collaboration with direct advertisers.

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Affmy CPA Network

The highest priority for Affmy team is to help raise money and grow business for both – publishers and advertisers.

Affmy provides not just a service, but the help – it's important for us to share our knowledge to solve partner's problems faster and run the most efficient markering campaigns.

Join us and we will become your solid partner who will lead you to the best perfomance ever.

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