Your CR will be HUGE with these offers
2020 Sep 10

Wanna get the most out of your traffic? Are you ready to earn more on the DACH geos? 

It doesn't matter what type of European traffic you have, Affmy got offers for both — mainstream and adult! Just choose whichever one you like the best and earn on that!


Offer ID: 2334 - iDates - CPL SOI
Payout: up to 3,68 USD
Traffic: Mainstream

Offer ID: 2335 - iDates - CPL SOI
Payout: up to 3,68 USD
Traffic: Mainstream


These are great for your traffic because: 

  1. iDates is a well-known dating offer, where Austria is the top converting geo; 
  2. iDates is divided into two offers depending on the content of the landing page. Offer ID 2334 features a very mainstream landing,  which can easily bypass any moderation check and it works perfect on  native traffic;
  3. Offer ID 2335 is mainstream as well, but features a more erotic content. Push and banner traffic work the best on this dating offer;
  4. The landing page has a high heating potential — it looks like a chat with a hot girl, and no user will resist from entering their info there.


Offer ID: 2340 - Heissetreffen - CPL DOI
Payout: 2,40 EUR
Traffic: Adult

Offer ID: 2341 - XXXflirt - CPL DOI
Payout: 2,40 EUR
Traffic: Adult


These offers will make your rich because:

  1. The sites feature a heating LP, and to be able to register for free, a user needs to complete the registration before the time runs out — that's a great way to motivate them!
  2. Both offers are localized, and XXXflirt covers German-speaking regions of Switzerland;
  3. Both show great results on the push traffic. If you need any promo-materials and localized subject lines, please ping your manager.


Now that you’ve seen them, it’s time to use them! Choose the best and...


AFFMY’s focus is your profit! 

Got more offers in your mind? You can request a specific offer to be added to Affmy network! You just need to fill in this form and we will do our best to add the needed offer to our portfolio.

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