2020 Aug 13

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Are you ready to earn on one of the most popular dating niches? We gathered the hottest MILF offers just for you!


Young and mature men prefer to have experienced partners. These offers give them what they desire — one-night hookups, steamy chats, and sexting, and you get huge profit on that!


Check these offers, pick the best for yourself, and get rich:


Offer ID: 2084 - MapMyMilf - SOI CPL
Payout: 3,40 USD
Traffic: Adult


MapMyMilf is a dating offer on SOI CPL basis, which converts well because:

  1. The site offers a unique flow with the map, which shows the hottest MILFs available for a hookup nearby. The registration is easy — a man inputs an email, and you get your lead.
  2. Mobile traffic works wonders on this offer given the high ratio up to 1:25, compared to 1:35 on desktop.
  3. You can run a ZA traffic on this offer — this traffic is affordable even for beginners.


Tip from Affmy: if you run email traffic, API CPC flow is also available for MapMyMilf. This flow means that you can monetize 100% of traffic with a high flat rate. Contact us and we will tell you more!

Offer ID: 2216 - OneNightMilf - SOI CPL
Payout: 4 USD
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream


OneNightMilf is great for your traffic because:

  1. This is the exclusive Affmy's offer. You'll get the highest payouts, custom rates, caps and custom creatives (click here to view them).
  2. MILF niche is highly popular in Tier 1, especially UK and US.
  3. Each landing has the intuitive registration flow, consisting of 2-5 fields, and as soon as a user inputs his email address — you will get your lead.
  4. You will get well-converting landing pages for both Adult and Mainstream traffic. 

We bet you loved these offers. Don't waste any minute — start running your traffic on our great offers and...



If you need more information about these offers, please ping your manager!

AFFMY’s focus is your profit! 

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