2020 Aug 11

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It is time to earn on dating! And the best way to do this is to run your traffic on our hottest exclusive offers!


With Affmy's exclusive offers you won't have to deal with the middle man — you will be working directly with Affmy. The highest rates, extended caps, custom creatives — you will get everything! Plus you can ask our friendliest managers to give you a bump on top of that!


Offer ID: 2234 - LookAWoman - SOI CPL
Payout: 2 USD
Traffic: Adult 


Lookawoman is perfect for you because:

  1. LPs are designed as popular messengers, where a hot girl will send nudes in the exchange of the user's email. This will impact your CR greatly. 
  2. Lookawoman is great to monetize Tier 1 traffic with, and the USA is the top-converting geo.
  3. Android traffic converts better, especially on push given the high ratio up to 1:10, compared 1:23 on IOS.


Extra tip: We recommend using close-up creatives to get the best CR.


Offer ID: 2294 - JoinTheDating - SOI CPL
Payout: 3 USD
Traffic: Adult 


JoinTheDating is great for your traffic because:

  1. Once a user enters the site, he will be fascinated by never-ending photos of hot women, and to message any of them, he has to leave his email address. What an easy way to get a lead!
  2. It works great with MA Banner traffic, our partners got their ratio up to 1:20!
  3. Email and mobile traffic work wonders on this offer, given high EPC up to 0,30 USD.


Special tip:  We recommend running the email traffic on UK, and the Android traffic on AU geo as they have been showing a stable EPC of $0.25-0.30. 


Get rich with our exclusive offers! Choose the best offer for yourself and...


If you need more information about these offers, please ping your manager!

AFFMY’s focus is your profit! 

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