These 5 hot offers will increase your income!
2020 Jul 28

Hey there!

Another week means new opportunities - and we got them for you! We gathered these new offers to make you rich!

✔ Some of them are perfect for monetizing English-speaking countries both on RS and CPL models.
✔ Two offer rare JP and TR geos - use this exclusive chance to earn more.
✔ Some are perfect for monetizing mobile traffic.

Now check them out:

Offer ID: 2201 - Jucydate - RS

Offer ID: 2202 - Jucydate - SOI CPL
Payout: 4 USD
Traffic: Adult


2202 is great for media buyers - with its high 4 USD payout and a stable EPC, you will be able to skyrocket your profit. The RevShare offer 2201 gives you a unique opportunity to earn more: you'll receive a portion of all monetization. And we are not talking just about sales but of all user's actions on Jucydate (banner clicks, etc). The possibilities are endless - get ready to receive a lot of conversions (this is not a joke - you might get about 50 leads from the involved user) and high EPC.

The LP looks like social media, making it easy to register, easy to navigate - users will love it. Jucydate converts greatly on the desktop traffic.

Offer ID: 1882 - Rank-adult - CPL SOI
Payout: 6,3 USD
Traffic: Adult


Rank-adult features a heating pre-landing, which leads to two different high-converting LPs. Just look at the payouts and keep in mind that Japan is the most profitable Asian geo. You just have to try this rare and unique offer - the true pearl of our Asian collection. 

Try mobile traffic - it monetizes greatly!

Offer ID: 1867 - Thefucklist - CPL SOI
Payout: up to 0,35 USD
Traffic: Adult


The whole signup process on this offer makes it incredibly simple to register. This offer is rare; combine it with cheap Turkish traffic and good payouts - and use this chance to earn more.  

Thefucklist is great to monetize on IOS and mac OS.


Offer ID: 2235 - Iwantu - CPL SOI
Payout: 0,85 USD
Traffic: Adult


Iwantu features a simple single opt-in flow - you will get your conversions easily, and with cheap traffic from South Africa you will be swimming in cash. 

Try mobile traffic - it monetizes best!

Offer ID: 2112 - YourLocalHookup - CPL SOI
Payout: 2,64 USD
Traffic: Adult


YourLocalHookup is a Tier 1 CPL-based adult dating offer, which will monetize your traffic greatly. With such easy flow high CR is guaranteed! You'll get the highest rates, extended caps and hot creatives with this offer.

And make sure to run it on Android traffic for better results.

Don't waste any minute - start running your traffic on our great offers and...

If you need more information about these offers, please ping your manager!

AFFMY’s focus is your profit! 

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