Get our NEW exclusive LOOKAWOMAN!
2020 Jul 09


We are glad to introduce you to Lookawoman - our new exclusive! This adult dating offer will convert your mobile traffic greatly with its one-click flow and a messenger-looking landing page.

Offer ID: 2234 - Lookawoman - SOI CPL
Payout: 2 USD (iOS, Android)
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Lookawoman is perfect for your mobile traffic because:

  1. The landing page has a high heating potential - it looks like a chat with a hot girl, who sends nudes, but the user needs to input an email to see them. With a super-easy flow like this, the user needs only to enter his email.
  2. Users' trust increase because Lookawoman looks like a usual messenger, and it impacts your CR greatly. 
  3. Lookawoman is perfectly suited for mobile traffic - both iOS and Android users will find it appealing.
  4. This is the exclusive Affmy's offer - we're giving a high payout for this type of offers and extended caps, so you'll be able to earn more.
  5. Lookawoman is new and your users have never seen it before.

Extra tip: if you have a pop-traffic, then contact our manager for special conditions. Remember that we're accepting all kinds of non-incentive mobile traffic for this offer.

Push the button and monetize your traffic when the deal is hot!

If you need more information about these offers, please ping your manager!

AFFMY’s focus is your profit! 

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