Request the desired offer from Affmy!
2020 Jun 22


Are you looking for some specific dating offer that we don’t have? From now on you can ask us to add it to our catalog with the best terms!

All you need to do is open this form and fill in the following fields like this:

  • The offer you’d like to run is - type in the name of the offer (ex. MatchSniper)
  • Where have you seen the desired offer? - type in the name of the CPA network that promotes this offer (ex. Affmy)
  • What geo or geos are you interested in? - type in one or more countries
  • Rate (USD) - type in the payout in US dollars (ex. 2,32 USD)
  • Your affiliate ID  - type in your affiliate ID or your Skype/Telegram, so we could get in touch (ex. 1021).


Have some great offers in mind? We'll get them for you! Don't waste any time and...


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