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2020 May 28



Despite the good spring weather, European men lack warmth. Everyone is rushing for datings, and it has a very positive effect on the growth of traffic in corresponding GEOs. We've made a list of the Top-5 European offers waiting for your traffic!


Offer ID: 2250 - Pikaflirtti - SOI CPL
Payout: 3.5 USD
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Affmy's tip: mobile traffic works wonders on Pikaflirtti - try running it for better results.


Offer ID: 2265 - Bareflort - SOI CPL
Payout: 2.52 EUR
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Affmy's tip: European Nordics, including NO, are dominant among other non-English GEOs in regard of the profitability. Despite the small amount of available traffic, you'll be able to earn more than in other cheaper GEOs.


Offer ID: 2252 - Flirt - SOI CPL
Payout: 1.75 USD
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Affmy's tip: people from the Czech Republic usually prefer to stay at home after work, so it's best to promote a Flirt offer in evening, when most people check the Internet. 


Offer ID: 2260 - Flirtoo - SOI CPL
Payout: 0.84 EUR
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Affmy's tip: be sure to use creatives with French language to promote Flirtoo - these work way better than English alternatives. 


Offer ID: 2261 - Erodate - SOI CPL
Payout: 0.56 EUR
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Affmy's tip: types of traffic with the best results on Erodate are search and review traffic. Erodate also shows good results on native traffic and banners. When running traffic on Poland, it's better to include creatives made in Polish for any source.


Get rich on Europe! Choose the best offer for yourself and...

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