Get your finances SKY HIGH with our CASHPER offer!
2020 Apr 24



We’d like to announce the launch of our new FINANCIAL offer CASHPER!


Offer ID: 2220 - Cashper - SOI CPL
Payout: 12.5 USD
Check the preview!

Affmy evolves every day and today we're expanding to another vertical - Finance. Let's start with a great offer!

Here's what you need to know about the Cashper and the finance vertical:

  1. Financial offers are on the rise now - people are more likely to take microcredits due to the COVID-19 quarantine.
  2. Cashper works best in the second and third weeks of the month.
  3. The flow is simple: user registers and gets approved, you get your lead. Don't worry - everyone gets their approval, except illegal residents and self-employed.
  4. You can run email-traffic on Cashper with special templates, ask for more details!
  5. This offer features tested creatives - you can get these from our managers.

It's a great idea to run your traffic on financial offers and Cashper will grant you high EPC with its high payouts.

But that's not all! We also have great gambling offers for you, take a look:


Offer ID: 2197 - RoyalPanda - CPA
Payout: 36 EUR

Offer ID: 2189 - 7bit - CPA
GEO: Tier 1, AT, CH, DE, FI, NO
Payout: 90 USD

Offer ID: 2176 - MrBet - CPA
Payout: 155 USD

These have huge payouts and your EPC will be awesome! Remember, a lot of people are into gambling and are trying to get more money, so it's a wise move to monetize your traffic on the offers above.

Use this chance and raise your profits!

Contact us by and get these and more offers ASAP!

AFFMY’s focus is your profit!

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