2020 Apr 10


We have urgent news for everyone who uses Webmoney.
As you may know, Webmoney has tightened requirements for outgoing payments and this means that you have to update your payment details in order to receive the next payment from Affmy.  


Here are all the fields that need to be filled: 

* WMZ Purse* - Your WMZ number

* Name* - John

* Surname* - Johnson

* Address Country Code* - BD (Reminder - Here you need to add a two-digit code of your country. You can find a list of these here)

* Account holder address* - City, Street, Building, etc.

* Birth Date* - 1990-12-02 (Reminder - Please use YYYY-MM-DD format only)

Please double check your payment details and make sure that all fields marked with * are properly filled. Without this information (or with incorrect information) we will not be able to send you the payment.

The next payment will be on 16.04, so please update your info before 15.04. If you have any questions - ask your manager in the chat.


Please email any related question to

AFFMY’s focus is your profit!

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