Margarita Ershova, Affiliate Director, Affmy — how to drive traffic on Dating in 2020
2020 Apr 01

Margarita Ershova, Affiliate Director, Affmy — how to drive traffic on Dating in 2020


*The original source of the publication in Russian: ProTraffic 


Hello, everyone! We’re glad to announce that our Affiliate Director, Margarita Ershova, has been interviewed by ProTraffic. You will learn much more about CPA Networks’ insides, corporate relationships, and, of course, dating traffic. Be sure to get your gift at the end of the interview!


— Hello, Margarita! How have you started to work in Affiliate Marketing?


I’ve started my career in a digital agency, where I was working in PR and media planning, and also helped clients to produce and promote apps. Back then CPI was on the rise and I’ve become interested in it. After that I’ve worked on several dating projects and, finally, came to Affmy to work as a Senior Affiliate Manager, and then, eventually, I became an Affiliate Director.

— How much time does your team exist?


We have started working together since 2013 as an international media buying team. As an affiliate network Affmy has been on the market since 2017.

Affmy started out successfully by partnering with the top sharks of the industry, advertisers and tech services.

Margarita Ershova (Affiliate Director) and Stasy Kot (Sr. Business development manager), Affmy at TES' 2020 in Portugal.


— Which sources are on a rise in 2020? What is the best your network can offer?

First of all, context, e-mail, and display traffic monetize greatly on dating offers. Secondly, according to feedbacks from our partners, our exclusive offers for Tier 1  (MatchSniperMapMyMilf, MeetemClub, MilfNearMe) and DACH (Fickfreundinfinden) work wonders. For these, we offer the highest rates on the market and a chance to work on custom conditions. Affiliates are pleased. And there are more - “Brides”-themed offers are very popular among our partners.

A tiny part of Affmy's exclusives


Our managers have full expertise on everything that works best with these offers and can provide custom creatives, made specifically for you. 

Be sure to contact your manager, — we’re all here with one goal - which is your profit, our mutual success depends on it.


— Regarding verticals: which of them do you consider to be the top of 2020? Which verticals should newbies choose? There is a guess that it’s hard for a newbie to work with trending verticals (crypto, gambling, apps). Where should they start? 


There are successful cases about working with free traffic, but it’s hard to project these on the overall situation. You have to actively test your flows and come up with new driving schemes.

If we talk about apps, these are quite expensive for starters, but some CPA networks give them out for free. We’re also working on such apps for our partners. Anyway, whichever vertical you choose to work with, try your best to directly contact an advertiser - this way you’ll get the fullest and truest info first-hand. And start with smart links - we have them :)


— Could you tell us about the approaches of the TOP Media buyers? Examples are more than welcome! 


TOP media buyers are frequently interested in driving social traffic on dating offers via applications. By the way, recently we have got an interesting case that will definitely respond to your question.

We began to work very closely with one media buying team that decided to try a new vertical by driving Facebook traffic on some dating offers. Before the guys worked in Gambling and Betting. We started a test from the two of our exclusives — MatchSniper и MeetemClub. Both offers are casual datings; both cover Tier 1 GEOs: US, UK, CA, AU, and NZ.

An easy search by a filter in the affiliate panel: simply input 'Exclusive'


We’ve got an amazing synergy with this traffic partner. The guys shared all important information regarding media buying and, in our turn, we shared expertise in targeting and helped to create custom funnels. 


At the beginning of the collaboration:

1 — Affmy provided the partner with the max full analytics on the most converting types of devices and the best audience for targeting to get the top CR. We focused on the TOP segments: single male users of 35+ age with a medium level of income (and higher). For better effectiveness we decided to focus on some states of the U.S. Also it’s important to note that we drove traffic on apps, thus, it was 100% Android.

2 — We prepared a package of custom creatives that successfully came through moderation and, at the same time, were made in line with the branding of our offers. 


3 — Affmy provided the partner with a unique pre-land created (and tested) specifically for the latest Android devices’ layout. 



The main issue faced by many media buyers who work with Facebook is the negative feedback of an advertiser regarding the low quality of traffic. Why does it happen? There are different reasons. For example, the time of an app’s download may extend due to redirects. So, a user loses his/her patience and leaves the app before reaching a Members Area. Thus, nothing is purchased inside the dating itself. 


If you have a SOI offer it means that in order to receive the conversion (e-mail) our affiliate had to successfully lead every user firstly via a questionnaire, where a person had to leave an email address; then, a user was redirected into a members area where he has seen the window with a requirement to validate his email. After clicking on that window a user was redirected into his mailbox, where, of course, he lost his attention and forgot why he actually visited the mailbox. As a result, many potential clients couldn’t start enjoying the dating product although they were initially interested. So, the SOI registration was tracked but traffic was lost and didn’t bring further profit to an advertiser. Moreover, without email validation, the redirect opportunities were very narrow. But we all know that right at this stage of the flow the customers' behavior of app users and of mobile dating users start to differ, - that’s why retargeting is necessary. 


Solution: We made a new landing without an email validation button. So, the need to leave our app for a user was eliminated. Since then he could directly visit MA and start interacting with the product. I worked: the average time spent by users inside the app increased 4.8 times; the level of user engagement has grown - and, ultimately, this has had a positive effect on monetization.


Conclusion: Thanks to communication with a partner, Affmy was able to quickly solve problematic issues that arose during the strait. We gained important experience by developing a specialized solution that we can use at any time, as well as identifying profitable segments on which we still earn.


Affmy and ProTraffic — gifts for every affiliate!


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Good luck and may your profits skyrocket!


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