Make it shine with our GOLDEN gambling offers!
2020 Mar 20

Hey there!

Affmy’s here to announce a launch of our new offers - Gambling!

In this hard times, a lot of people stay at home. Some crave for entertainment, some need extra money. And that's when online-gambling comes in! Gambling vertical grows extensively and now is the best time to test gambling offers with a reliable partner. This reliable partner is Affmy, and we are eager to give you some great opportunities.

Check these golden offers and get on the road to riches:


Offer ID: 2166 - Gratorama - SOI CPL
Payout: up to 5.6 USD

Offer ID: 2165 - Winorama - SOI CPL
Payout: up to 8 USD

Offer ID: 2164 - Syndicate Partners - CPA
Payout: 135 USD

Offer ID: 2163 - Syndicate Partners - CPA
Payout: 135 USD

Offer ID: 2162 - Syndicate Partners - CPA
Payout: 135 USD


As you can see, these offers have great payouts and will be wonderful in monetizing your traffic. These 5 are just the start - we're opening new offers every day

Keep the money flowing with Affmy!

Contact us by and get these and more offers ASAP!

AFFMY’s focus is your profit!

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