2020 Mar 17

We’re happy to present our NEW Exclusive offer: MapMyMilf!

This is the unique dating offer created specifically to monetize those who want to meet with the hottest women in their area. Convert your traffic easily due to the simplest flow with just one registration field!

Offer ID: 2084 - MapMyMilf - SOI CPL
Payout: 3.4 USD
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

* This is a casual dating offer perfectly suitable for both Adult and Mainstream traffic.

* Your CR will skyrocket with this simple registration flow - the only thing user have to do is to submit an email.

* Landing page was specifically designed to make even the shyest and most hesitant users register and make you a profit.

* No need to set up a complex targeting: Affmy gives high payouts for any 18+ user.

* API CPC (email passing) flow is also available for MapMyMilf. This flow means that you can monetize 100% of traffic with a high flat rate. Ask your manager for more info and custom rates.

You'll gain a good profit on MapMyMilf. So what are you waiting for? Monetize your traffic like a boss!  

AFFMY’s always here to make your profits rise!

Contact us by!

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