Join the ARENA 2020!
2020 Feb 26

AFFMY invites you to join the ARENA 2020!

Join the ARENA Conference in Moscow, March, 26th!

Why should you be there?

First of all, you’ll get different tips and tricks on Affiliate Marketing from the best of the best.

There will be Alexey Sorokin, Alexander Bukreev, Denis Modesko, Vadim Korepov and other top experts in this area. Everyone will make sure that you’ll learn something new. Knowledge is power!

Then, it’s Networking.

You’ll meet not just us, but a lot of people from all over Russia and the CIS countries. Make new connections, find investors and business partners - after all, we’re businessmen and that’s what we do for our profits to rise.

You’ll make other people grow - and they’ll do the same for you.

Discuss your future projects throughout 3 days of informal communication and have some fun with your new friends on lively nights, Don’t miss that great experience!

You have 2 options: 

* Visit the conference itself (March, 26th)

* Take a combo: 3-days-long weekend (March, 26th-29th) + participation in conference and afterparty. Tickets are limited!

Register on ARENA 2020 now with our promo code ‘AFFMY’ and get a 7% discount on any ticket. This code is valid until 12/03. Don’t waste the opportunity and get the cheapest tickets before it’s too late!

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