Your goldmine for today - Click2Call VideoChat offers!
2020 Feb 25


Would you like to increase your mobile traffic monetization? Then let us introduce you click2call offers!

Click2call is a monetization model, which operates on phone calls.

It usually works like this:

iphone user gets to LP with a realtime chat and a call button ->
calling user pushes the button ->
money_with_wings the call begins and you’ve got a lead!

Pretty easy, right? There are no additional terms: no minimum calling time, no complex registration flow. It just works. And the best way for you to start working with this new vertical is to try out our new VideoChat offers. 

Why VideoChat?

  1. New offer type, which is still fresh on the market
  2. Easy flow - 1 button, 1 call, 1 conversion
  3. Great GEOs: UK/AT/CH have a lot of traffic, and CZ/HU is great for beginners
  4. You can choose from different landing pages - contact us and we will pick the best for your needs

We’ve tested VideoChat on our in-house traffic and it showed an incredible conversion rate on push and banner traffic.

Now take a look at these offers yourself:

Offer ID: 2134 - VideoChat Click2call - CPA
Payout: 1.75 EUR
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Offer ID: 2133 - VideoChat Click2call - CPA
Payout: 1.05 EUR
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Offer ID: 2132 - VideoChat Click2call - CPA
Payout: 1.05 EUR
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Offer ID: 2131 - VideoChat Click2call - CPA
Payout: 1.75 EUR
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Offer ID: 2086 - VideoChat Click2call - CPA
Payout: 2.3 EUR
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream


Money tip: test pushes, banners, pop-ups and get the highest CR on Mobile today!

Contact us by to get these offers as fast as possible.

Affmy’s here for your profits!

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