Enjoy CPAConf with Affmy!
2020 Feb 14

Hey hey!


We’re glad to announce that Affmy is an info partner of the CPAConf - big Affiliate Marketing Conference of Ukraine.


The 9th CPA Conference will be held on March, 12th in Ukraine, Kyiv. There will be guests from all over the world - prepare to meet your colleagues from the CIS countries, the USA and Europe, make valuable connections and find new ideas.


But it’s not just networking - there will be practical lectures on such topics as Arbitrage, CPA Networks, Traffic, Finances, Tools. Learn more and earn more!


Also, by the end of the day, you’ll enjoy a great Afterparty in one of the coolest nightclubs of Kyiv. Tasty treats, fresh drinks, a lot of fun await! Meet new people, enjoy fruitful communication and have a nice time at the hottest event.

Tickets are limited! Hurry and grab them, while they’re still available. Here’s the Affmy’s promo code for a 10% discount - ‘AFFMY’. Affmy cares :)

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