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2020 Feb 12

Hello hello! 

Affmy is glad to present our partnership with Lucky.Online - the nice Nutra-focused CPA network. In honor of that, today we’ll treat you with 2 great interviews full of valuable info and insights from real experts. 

The first expert is Margarita Ershova, Affiliate Director, Affmy. She has a strong background in media buying and the dating industry for more than 6 years. The second expert is Olga Sokolova, Head of LuckyCenter, who has kindly shared her knowledge regarding the Nutra vertical.


Dating is one of the most profitable niches in the Affiliate industry. How can you get the most out of dating offers? We’ll get it covered with Margarita Ershova, the Affiliate Director, Affmy. Enjoy valuable insights from the experienced pros!


- Could you tell us about top dating offers up to date?

- Right now our TOP consists of exclusive offers with the best conversion rate. At Affmy we have Tier 1 offers, MatchSniper, MilfNearMe, MeetemClub, which are oriented towards English-speaking audiences, and Fickfreundfinden, made especially for DACH countries - for these offers we have the highest rates on a market and the most flexible terms. 

Usually, Mainstream offers with high payout rates are in high demand among affiliates (especially, the ‘Brides’ type of datings).

Tier 3 offers are always popular among affiliates who have just recently started to work in the Dating segment - such GEOs have a lower cost per click and less competition. 

Affmy has offers for everyone - there are over 300 direct and exclusive WW offers waiting for you to earn on them. Contact us and our managers will pick the one exactly for your GEO and type of traffic. Moreover, a new exclusive dating by Affmy is coming soon - keep an eye on our site and social media and don’t miss out! 


- What are the dating trends in 2020?

- We’ve understood that dating becomes more ‘niche’. There are more interesting products for people with certain tastes regarding a partner’s appearance or specific preferences (f.e., MILF). This trend will continue to grow.

Speaking of traffic, we see that some big push and display platforms have simplified requirements for dating creatives and I do believe that this shift will make a positive impact on the dating industry growth. 

Also, I think that everyone is waiting for the release of Facebook Dating. It’s planned for the product to be released for the EU market sometime in 2020. Everybody knows that Facebook and Instagram are the main traffic sources for dating offers, so any changes in the company’s policy may have a huge impact on the vertical in general.

- Which traffic sources work best for dating offers?

- It depends on whose perspective and business goals do we take into consideration when we deliberate upon this question. There are sources with a high CR (with a great ROI for an Affiliate), but these don’t make the product’s profits increase. We’ve never had any negative feedback from advertisers about SEO, email and high-quality banner traffic from the Members Area.


- Are there any special offers for February, 14th?

- It is not an easy thing to outline some specific brands. However, some advertisers release special themed landing pages in a week or two before Valentine’s Day. One of those advertisers is right in front of you - we’ve made some nice landings for MeetemClub for you to use! Use these landing pages in split-tests with your profitable chain to get the best results.


- How often do dating offers renew and is there any ‘seasonality’ in dating?

- Yeah, there is. Speaking on Tier 1, every spring we witness an appearance of various spin-offs of popular products, oriented towards those who plan to go on a vacation, for example. One more seasonal burst comes on Christmas - the popularity of dating offers often increases. An opposite example is Thanksgiving Day, which remains a family holiday, - search activity slightly goes down.


- Where to start in the dating niche? How much money do you need to start?

- Everything depends on the type of traffic you start with and, of course, on your luck. Usually, 300-500$ is enough for a first test. Chances to get a positive ROI rise, if the following conditions are met:

* First: you have the opportunity to make or get the unique creatives (not something already used by others); 


* Second: you have direct communication with a CPA manager on the affiliate network side. This person will help you to choose the right offer and will share stats on the top market’ segments. Knowing the profitable segments is crucial for your success! It’s perfect to start your work with direct advertisers:  they know the product better than anyone. 


A lot of newbies start with free traffic. It is not an easy task to keep your profits solid this way, but hey - no pain, no gain.


- Offers for which GEOs are your most popular?

- We have WW dating offers, but our main focus is on Tier 1 and German-speaking countries. 


- Do you have your own media buying team?

- Our guys have a great experience with Tier 1 and Asian GEOs and they keep on growing every day. They regularly test new GEOs, verticals and tools with one goal: to make a profit rocket up.


- Name conferences, which you will attend this year, please

- You can meet us at MAC in Moscow and TES in Cascais, for sure. Also, later in Spring, we will announce our full schedule for 2020 conferences in our social media and ‘News’ section of our site.


- Do you plan to enter other verticals?

- We focus on dating, but we also have a large portfolio with a lot of exclusive offers from other verticals (cams, sweepstakes, gaming). Our reason to choose these niches is not random - our affiliates monetize their traffic greatly on these offers!


What is better for dating monetization: to get 10000$ in cash or a profitable combo (traffic source - offer link)?

The second option, 100%.


- Your favorite arbitrage services?

Trackwill, Adplexity, Keitaro - these services have nice functionality and fast support.


We’re grateful to Margarita for this valuable info on dating! 

Now it is time to meet Olga Sokolova, Head of LuckyCenter, Lucky Online, who represents another profitable section of Affiliate Marketing - Nutra.

- Hey, Olga, nice meeting you!

- You too! Let’s have an interview.


- No problem! How would you explain the main trends of the Nutra market for 2020?

- We think that the interest in arbitrage marketing is still rising and will continue to do so in the following year - therefore, expect more newbies, more offers, more money.

It’s not that easy to challenge the best players in the market, who spent years to get to the top. But we can say for sure - both we and other CPA networks noticed a growth of arbitrage teams. It is not profitable to work alone - especially if you’ve just started. However, LuckyTeam’s internal media-buying is open to everyone :)

Nutra is a pretty ‘adult’ niche of Affiliate Marketing. Do you notice the exhaustion of a user from the similar-looking products and ads? How does the vertical solves this problem?

People will always care about their health and beauty, so the Nutra will always be relevant. It’s always about choosing the right source. Even if you look at a reduction - it is connected to Facebook’s wave of bans, not vertical itself. 


- On which GEOs Nutra-offers convert best?

- European most convertible GEOs are Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria. 

And Asian are Indonesia and Thailand.

Speaking of Thailand, we have released new offers with great rates recently, take a look:

🍀 KE ONE - Weight Loss offer

Payout: 30 $

🍀 BUSTIERE - Bust Enlargement

Payout: 30 $

🍀 ACE - Penis Enlargement

Payout: 30 $

🍀 GARCINIA EXTRACT PLUS - Weight Loss Remedy

Payout: 30 $

To get +2$ for the base rate on these offers, send a promo code “Affmy” to Lucky’s support. This offer is valid until 11.03.


- In July 2019 Facebook has announced the banning of ‘sensational Nutra posts’ - those which promise a 100% result. How will it impact the vertical in 2020?

- Ban algorithms of Facebook are ever-changing - you can be banned in any vertical. They have cloaked Nutra posts before and they’ll do it again and again)) By itself, Facebook is not the best source of traffic for newbies, because you have to farm accounts and look for new solutions all the time. 


- Which Nutra category had a blast in 2019 and what are your suggestions on 2020?

- It’s impossible to highlight a unique trend in Nutra. The success of Nutra offers is specifically linked to production quality. Unique creatives, high-quality texts, nice rates for webmasters, etc. - everything has an impact on a product’s demand.

Regarding traffic: both us and other CPAs have noticed huge popularity of push-notifications on international market among both webmasters and advertisers.


- Where should a noob start in Nutra and other products?

- Especially for those newbs, we have opened a free Education Center.

Based on our graduates’ experience and feedback from arbitrage team leaders, MyTarget or teaser networks are the best starting point in arbitrage for newcomers.


- How much money do you need to start?

Each case is unique - you can spend $8000 and go broke if you analyze and optimize your campaign incorrectly; however, some people make nice gains starting at $250. But, if we can find some middle ground, we recommend investing about $150-250 at first. 


- Which is better - to make creatives by yourself or to take them from spy-services? Where should you get translations for your creatives?

- Every Lucky. Online’ offer is made by a professional team and you will have all the needed promo-material and landing pages. You can also order a translation of your creative or landing to any language for free. And if you want to know how to make a creative for any kind of traffic by yourself, try our Photoshop learning course. 


- There is an ongoing Lunar New Year in China. Which holidays are usually related to Nutra’s growth? 

- Most of Nutra offers are seasonal:

* Joints hurt more in spring and autumn.

* The fungus appears more often in summer

* You can sell more detox and fitness products after the New Year’s celebration and during summer.

* Major holidays induce more parasitic infections.

* CIS countries have a high demand for strawberry, plant chemicals, and fishing equipment in summer.

* Some niches work throughout the year: potency, enlargement, papillomas, skincare.


- You’re actively developing in Thailand, but why there? How will it develop regarding to Affiliate Marketing and product selling?

- Thailand has great potential since:

* the high difference in people’s age;

* nice internet intrusion;

* approval of supplements throughout history.

Despite Nutra-CPAs being there for more than 2 years, this GEO is still appealing because of high ROI.


- Well, I’m out of questions. Thanks for your support, Olga!

- It was nice talking to you! Good luck!


So, this is the end of this article. As you can see from both interviews, the Affiliate market is growing and you need to get an advantage of it. Try Dating and Nutra - we have nice offers to give you! We hope you learned a lot of important info today and remember - if you need any advice or offer from Affmy, contact us by


Learn more and get rich!

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