Let's meet at ARENA 2020!
2020 Jan 23

Learn everything about upcoming changes in internet marketing on ARENA 2020 #Арена2020


To everyone, who earns their money as a webmaster: we meet at ARENA Conference in Moscow on March, 26th. Event is organized by Пузат.ру.

What can a webmaster get from ARENA?

Essential experience and different tips and tricks from the market’s leaders! 

There will be Alexey Sorokin, Alexander Bukreev, Denis Modesko, Vadim Korepov and other top experts in this area. Everyone will share their tricks and lifehacks. You will learn the best methods and different points of view from the experts.

HQ - Networking

There will be a lot of webmasters from Russia and CIS countries. You will meet old friends and find new ones, make valuable connections, find potential investors and business partners. Everything’s to make profits rise!

Brainstorms and opinions’ exchange between colleagues

You will have 3 days of informal communication with different level’ webmasters on business-weekend. Prepare for the cozy nights with a lot of fun. It will be easy to discuss your insights and future projects with others.

You have 2 options: 

* Visit the conference itself (March, 26th)

* Take a combo: 3-days-long weekend (March, 26th-29th) + participation in conference and afterparty. Tickets are limited!

Register on ARENA 2020 now and get the highest discount. Don’t waste the opportunity and get the cheapest tickets before it’s too late!

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