Affmy among Industry Experts shares upcoming Digital and Performance Marketing Trends 2020
2020 Jan 15

Margarita Ershova, Affiliate Director, Affmy, as one of the top industry leaders, shared predictions for the upcoming year, and what marketers should keep an eye on. See the full list of 2020 trends on Affiliate Marketing Tips by Affise!

Margarita Ershova

Affiliate Director, Affmy:

"We already witness the development of artificial intelligence and virtual reality in some other segments of the worldwide digital market. Due to artificial intelligence and neural networks, dating sites will become even more focused on the needs and demands of the audience. AI more and more makes the opportunity to simultaneously adapt the offered content to the needs of any user in real-time. That is a great piece of news because dating users are highly motivated to find the best match as soon as possible. 

VR, in its turn, in a perspective of 5-8 years, will be able to make international dating closer to people: no matter where your match is located, you will be able to meet him or her without the need to travel and, in a format that will make your long-distance or international online date as real as never before. Therefore, it is likely that in the near future people, due to the VR technologies will be able to meet each other, even while being on different continents”. 

Affmy team expresses thanks to Anastasia Zaichko from Affise. The full version of the article is available in the Affiliate Marketing Tips.

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