AFFMY ACADEMY: How Make the Right Choice Between Several Offers
2019 Dec 18

Hello, everyone!

It's Affmy Academy and we're about to teach you more about setting up and optimizing a campaign - the most basic, but the most important thing to do, so it is crucial for newbies to know that. You’ll learn to set up your lucrative ad campaign in 3 steps - and you’ll learn about the first step, "How to choose an offer", today!


First of all, in order to find an offer that suits your campaign the most, contact affiliate managers, asking them for recommendations. They will consult you on the best they can give you. You can contact Affmy's AMs by


When there are several good offers in mind, pick ones that follow these criteria:


1. Get as much info about an offer’s Conversion Rate (CR) as you can - especially if you’re low on budgets. Perfect offer is an offer with SOI (single opt-in) and high payout rates. In reality, however, higher-paid offers are DOI (double opt-in) and target a specific audience (35+ males) and have lower CR in the result. 

2. Try to consult with an Affiliate Manager of a network you work with. By interacting with managers nicely, you may get information on the best offers for your campaign.

3. If you're not sure about your traffic/offer-combo, avoid US, CA, UK targeting because of its great competition. There are a lot of nice offers in other English-speaking countries like the ZA or IE - and a lot fewer competitors.

4. There are two types of offers that work best: SOI (single opt-in) and DOI (double opt-in). Simple flow monetizes better, so SOI is the perfect option at all times. DOI is good too, but don’t expect the same rates as with SOI.


Good luck!


Affmy’s glad to teach you helpful tricks so that you could become rich in no time!

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