TOP Offers Today
2019 Oct 30

Hi there, partner!

Hope your day is great and we will make it even better with our TOP offers. Today there will be 7 of them, so choose whichever you like and start making profits!

First, there are 2 fresh CPI offers, which will monetize greatly, take a look:


OFFER ID: 1951 - CyberGhostVPN - CPI (install+open) Android
Payout CPL: 0.35 USD


OFFER ID: 1953 - CyberGhostVPN - CPI (install+open) iOS
Payout CPL: 0.46 USD


These new CPI offers are amazing, don't be shy and get in touch with your AM to get them when the sun shines!

However, if you prefer the classic CPS model, these other 5 different offers will be extra profitable for you. Use them:


OFFER ID: 1457 - CPS
Payout CPL: up to 40 USD


OFFER ID: 1950 - Amolatinas - CPS
Payout CPL: up to 105 USD


OFFER ID: 1879 - CPS
Payout CPL: up to 140 USD


OFFER ID: 1847 - CPS
Payout CPL: 56 USD


OFFER ID: 1846 - CPS
Payout CPL: up to 36.4 USD


These offers are different so that you could easily find the one for your type of traffic and GEO. One thing is constant, however - all these will give you extra income! Use one, use several, use all of them and become rich!


Send an e-mail to your AM with a subject ‘I want the Best Offers!’ and we will deliver them to you in no time!

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