Exclusive mainstream offer DateHiker!
2019 Oct 24

Hello, partner!

Today we have a special kind of message, focused on one of our best mainstream dating offers - DateHiker. First of all, here’s how it looks like:

OFFER ID: 1701 - DateHiker - CPL
Payout CPL: 4 USD for all devices


DateHiker is a Tier1 Mainstream Dating offer, which works especially well with 30+ male audience. 

According to our data, this offer shows the best results with native traffic and push-notifications. How to use it to your advantage?

  1. PUSH. Despite the offer is working in different Tier 1 GEOs, try to customize your ad’s message for each particular country. F.e., use different names and age for girls.

  2. NATIVE. Start the search for the best converting ad and sources by buying traffic on CPC, and then scale up your top sources of traffic on CPM.

  3. IMAGE is a King. Pictures that you’re using for these types of ads are extremely important. Use the most attractive images, customized for different countries.

Drive traffic on DateHiker and get rich!


Don’t forget that the fastest way to get these offers is to contact your AM (, who will answer your questions ASAP! Good luck!

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