TOP Exclusive Offers
2019 Oct 08

Hey, how are you doing? Ready for some highly profitable offers from Affmy? Here we go!

Get these 4 flawless offers and become rich in no time:


One of the Top Affmy Exclusives, MatchSniper, is also one of the most lucrative offers. With nice Tier 1 traffic in many different GEOs and reasonable payouts, your profit is set. Get it now!

OFFER ID: 1553 - MatchSniper - CPL
Payout: 4 USD for all devices

And here are some tips for MatchSniper users:

  1. If you work with MA dating traffic and want to monetize it efficiently, but don’t want to bother with A/B tests, then run traffic through API with fixed price for unique click. To start, just contact your manager.

  2. It may sound like bragging, but that’s the fact - we have a great CR for push-traffic (get up to $ 0.17 for the US; up to $ 0.22 for UK/CA and, finally our TOP: AU $0.24). So use it and monetize your push-notifications effectively!


Fickfreundinfinden, a successful European dating service, is our next big offer. It is localized for different areas, which makes CR even higher. Check it out!

OFFER ID: 1736 - Fickfreundinfinden - CPL
Payout: 3.4 USD for all devices

Also, use these tips to gain even more profits:

  1. Use proper creatives. CR is higher if the creative and landing page are somehow connected. Use high-quality branded banners for Fickfreundinfinden ads - you can get them from us by request!

  2. Run tests on different countries, especially smaller ones. Try to target AT or CH GEOs, which are usually ignored by the big players and you will surely find your profitable combination.


OFFER ID: 1536 - LookADate - CPL
Payout: 4 USD for all devices

LookADate is one of the most user-friendly dating websites. It’s easier to get a conversion when the client gets exactly what he needs in a few clicks!


OFFER ID: 1701 - DateHiker - CPL
Payout: 4 USD for all devices

DateHiker is a mainstream offer, which can easily bypass any moderation checks. It’s simple to work with! Be sure to get this offer.


Use our top offers and make it rain with money!

As usual, you can freely contact your AM at any time and get these perfect offers on request.

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