TOP Asian Offers
2019 Sep 26

Hi there!

Are you ready for the journey to the East?
We have some exclusive offers with profitable GEOs and we’re glad to present them to you. 

Find out more about our TOP Japanese and Korean offers: 1457, 1882, 1892, 1879 and 1894.
All these are sites with high CR in JP and KR GEOs that will surely make you some nice revenue.
Just look at the payouts and keep in mind that JP and KR are the most profitable Asian GEOs.
Basically, it’s a sure way to make money.


OFFER ID: 1457 - CPS (Affmy’s Exclusive!)
Payout: up to 40 USD

OFFER ID: 1882 - CPL
Payout: 5.6 USD

OFFER ID: 1879 - CPS
Payout: up to 140 USD

OFFER ID: 1892 - CPL
Payout: up to 2.8 USD

OFFER ID: 1894 - CPL
Payout: up to 1.05 USD


Use one or all these Asian diamond offers to make your pocket shine!

Don’t forget that some offers are available on request, so please contact me to get the desired offer.

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