Case study: MS & API e-mail traffic
2019 Sep 19

Hey, here’s a case study about excellent results of driving traffic on MatchSniper

using API!

What’s API? It's a protocol that allows you to communicate between two databases.

The first database is a base that came from the specific offer, advertiser, or product,

and the second database is a list of users from the specific affiliate’s members' area

or e-mail base. 

Sending a user's email address via link is also called e-mail passing. All you need to

do as an affiliate is to give us your macros. 

API allows the separation of unique and non-unique e-mails. We accept and pay for

unique e-mails and decline non-unique ones, they are being sent back to the Affiliate. 

In this case, almost every conversion is equal to the transition to the page from the

unique e-mail.

Behold - here comes our exclusive case about MatchSniper and its astonishing

results with e-mail API traffic.

We have one Affiliate earned a nice amount of money on email API traffic and we’re

going to dedicate this case study to him.

All personal data remains personal.

Our Affiliate has started running e-mail traffic on MatchSniper in June 2019 and does

it till now.

He has his own e-mail base of users and he was in desperate need of simple and

stable 1-click monetization of his dating traffic.

API’s a perfect solution for this.

Key information about the case: 

Dates: June, 13 - July, 13
Conversions: 28,000+
EPC at the start: 0,25
Current EPC: 0,35
Offer promoted: Matchsniper - CPL - Tier 1
Traffic type: e-mail API, mobile & desktop

Since it was important for Affiliate to get an EPC about 0.25$, we started with a daily

cap of 500 leads and only one country to start - the USA. Since he had never run

traffic on this offer, so we started cooperation with a small cap. Here is a picture from

the affiliate’s account that shows the stability of the CR:



US, June, 13-22

Then we estimated traffic and since the results were pretty good, Affiliate launched a

campaign on his main stream. We started getting traffic from all the Tier1 GEOs, the

cap has been expanded.


US CA UK AU NZ, June, 23- July, 1

On June, 23 Affmy AM and the affiliate evaluated all statistical data. As a result, we

set up a new cap to the affiliate and he began to set up campaigns.

On June, 29 respectively, Affmy raised the rate for each unique e-mail up to 0.35


Affiliate scaled GEOs, added CA and UK, a bit AU & NZ.

Here we can see stable growth of conversions and profit on the increased volume of


July, 2 - July, 13


Dynamics for the months, June, 13 - July, 13

Again, all personal info of our affiliates is protected.

Our Affiliate earned a lot of money, and you can follow his example!

It's very easy: 

  • come to us;
  • tell us that you have an e-mail or member area traffic;
  • get a link from your account manager;
  • drive the traffic on API CPC model.

We work on the API individually, so we can discuss your bid, traffic volume,

segments, niche and find a working solution for you. 

To be honest, We all know that CR is tied to the quality of the email base, however,

MatchSniper has a great CR on any email passing type of traffic: members area,

email links, etc. 

Top facts that you need to know about this case: 

Traffic - Email on API. 

  • It suits you, if you have your own user base, like our Affiliate.

Key GEOs - US, Canada, Australia, UK. 

  • In this case, the main amount of leads came from the US and Australia,
    where Adult and Dating traffic converts on MatchSniper pretty well.

The main wisdom You can learn from this case:
If you're tired of constantly optimizing your campaigns, if CR changes all the time, try

to switch on running traffic on API.
Here you will find stable EPC and caps for your Tier1 traffic!

Pay attention: Tier1 e-mail traffic converts on MatchSniper really well right now!

No time to wait - apply!

Hurry up and e-mail us with a subject 'I want MatchSniper' to get an offer that

multiply your income!

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact your AM via

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