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2019.07.17 Meet new offer MATCHSNIPER CAMS


​Hi Affiliate,

Since our exclusive product - MatchSniper - generates great profit for our affiliates,

we offer you to make even more money from this successful brand! Meet new product

with huge potential:


OFFER ID: 1794 - MatchSniper CAMs - CPS
Payout CPS: 52.5 USD for all devices
Traffic: Adult



Another great option to monetize your adult traffic with AFFMY exclusive product:

cams is an extremely popular niche, join it faster and earn money!



Why MatchSniper CAMs:


Reason 1:  It is a multi-niche offer with a vast number of profiles in over 20 popular

categories ('College girls', 'MILF', 'Big Tits', 'Lesbians' and many more). No one can



Reason 2: MatchSniper Cams is an amazing solution for adult traffic monetization in

lots of GEOs: auto localization for various languages is available.


Reason 3: Great incentives for user to get his first purchase: free credits as a bonus

for his first payment.


Say YES! to MatchSniper CAMs!


If you need custom LPs with niched girls on main page, feel free to ping us and we

will build it for you! 

Don’t forget that offers are available on request, so please, e-mail me with a subject

'I want MatchSniper CAMs' to get the desired offer!

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