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2019.04.26 Exclusive. Mainstream. Datehiker.

Dear affiliates,

Exclusive. Mainstream. Datehiker. Ultimate dating profile search engine is now available only for AFFMY affiliates! 

Use your chance to earn on exclusive terms: the best rates on the market from a direct advertiser.



7 Reasons to Run your traffic on Datehiker:

  1. A large set of profiles displayed in real time on the map;
  2. User-friendly search engine interface;
  3. New dating brand for your users;
  4. No middlemen between you and advertiser;
  5. Easy search by appearance type, age and status;
  6. No issues with moderation on PUSH and AD Networks;
  7. Easy flow - SOI (no e-mail confirmation needed).

Don’t waste your time, monetize your mainstream dating traffic wisely, run traffic on Datehiker!



OFFER ID: 1701 - Datehiker - CPL
Payout CPL (all devices): 4 USD
Traffic: Mainstream

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