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2019.04.01 Case study: Lookadate vs E-mail traffic

Hey guys! We are ready to share one more case of our affiliate. 

We all know that e-mail traffic suits really well for Dating offers monetization.

Today we would like to show you the case which illustrates how you or your friends can easily make good money on the Affmy exclusive offer - Lookadate - CPL - Tier 1



Key information about the case: 

How much was earned? 7,000 USD
What was promoted: Lookadate - CPL - Tier 1
When? January 10, 2018 - January 23, 2019
Affiliate's traffic type: e-mail

Here is a full picture from the affiliate’s account:


Again, all personal info of our affiliates is protected.

Top facts that you need to know about this case: 

Key GEO- USA. However, this affiliate has also driven traffic on AU and UK, that brought even better CR, but our affiliate didn't have a lot of this type of traffic in his database.
Most traffic - Mobile.
Android/iOS: iOS converted pretty well, however, Android brought better results. So, the main amount of leads came from Android.

Affmy constantly creates new landings to boost our affiliates' conversion growth. In this case, our affiliate chose Default Mainstream Landing. And, also, today we are glad to announce the launch of the new LookADate landing ΠΆ17. Check It Now!


The main wisdom You can learn from this case:
Pay attention: e-mail traffic converts really well right now! 
Don't lose this moment and apply!

P.S.: Special perk! You may get suppression list, API integration and special flow for email type of traffic. 

Hurry up and e-mail us with a subject 'I want LOOKADATE' to get an offer while the sun shines!

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