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 Dear affiliates,

A new exclusive dating offer Matchsniper is available now! 

Matchsniper is:

  • One-of-a-kind exclusive offer
  • The perfect way to raise your EPC in Tier 1
  • Promos of any formats and sizes crafted for you
  • No pre-lands needed
  • Novel dating brand for your users
  • No intermediaries between you and product

Don’t lose the moment. Drive traffic on Matchsniper, earn with AFFMY! 


This unique product is built and tested specially for your traffic. 

Offer is delivered with unique & exclusive funnels - banners, pre-landers, and highly converting landing pages.

OFFER ID: 1553 - Matchsniper - Tier1 - CPL
Payout CPL (all devices): 4 USD
Traffic: Adult & Mainstream

Promote --->

Hurry up and send us a message on Skype (ID affmy_1)
or e-mail - - with a subject 'I want MATCHSNIPER' to get an offer when it is so hot!  


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