🏆 Start 2021 in a right note 🏆
2021 Jan 13

Hi there!

Are you back from your vacation? We hope you had a great holiday and ready to kick it in 2021! Here in Affmy we surely missed you and to help you start this year on the right note, we added a new hot offer.


Check it out now:



🔺 Offer ID: 2485 - Your-Miss Adult - CPL SOI
🌎 Geos: US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, ES, SE, IS, AT, BE, NL, IT, FI, FR, CH, IE, DE, NO, DK
💵 Payout: 3,20 USD
🎯 Target audience: 30+ men
👥 Traffic: Adult


The offer features the adult version of a popular site Your-Miss. Whether your users want a one-night fling, hot affair, or a serious relationship — they will find exactly what they desire, and you can earn off that! The landing is comprehensive, stylish, and easy-to-navigate. Users will love it! Native and push traffic work wonders on this offer. The average EPC among our partners is up to 0.25 USD.


The target audience for this offer is 30+ years old men.  It will especially benefit you if you already have an audience base from these users.


See? We told you this offer is AWESOME! Don't wait any longer and...



AFFMY’s focus is your profit!

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