🚀 Buy premium dating traffic from ADxAD! 🚀
2020 Dec 21


Christmas is the most magical time of the year. Have you already decorated the Christmas tree and put presents under its branches? And you know what? We want to add our own as well. You can now buy premium dating traffic from the member area of our sites from the ADxAD network.


 ðŸ’²  Sales model: CPC
✉️ Traffic type: Popunder
🎯  Placement: MA in-house dating site
🌍Geos: US/UK/CA/AU/ZA/NZ + DE/AT/CH, and we are planning on adding PL and RO soon
👥 Traffic: casual (adult) dating


Advantages: The most heated-up users. They are already registered and are crawling for more content! Dating converts the best, but it will also work well on cams and adult.


Targeting: available in GEO, Device, OS, Sub_Source, Browser, Browser Language Proxy type, Carrier. We will be happy to assist you in setting up campaigns, and you can also narrow your targeting to your needs and preferences.


In January 2021, we will launch push, banners, and other ad formats! Are you ready for your CR to skyrocket? Hurry up and buy the highest quality traffic before others do it.



🎁 Want more presents? Share this promo-code with your Account Manager AFFMY2020, and get a 10% bonus on the first deposit to buy Affmy’s dating traffic.

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