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2020 Oct 30


🎃 This is Halloween, this is Halloween, pumpkins scream in the dead of night! You no longer need to go trick-or-treating — these hot dating offers are surely the sweetest things ever! 🎃

Take a chance and roll the dice — time to monetize is now!


Offer ID: 2368 - Livechat - CPL SOI
Geo: JP
Payout: 7,20 USD
Traffic: Adult


Livechat is an exciting adult dating offer for those looking for a one night stand with a Japanese girl. It is localized, and features a hot landing with an easy flow — no user will resist it. Livechat works wonders on email and native traffic. And make sure to use these hot creatives to make your CR even higher.


Offer ID: 1882 - Rank-adult - CPL SOI
Geo: JP
Payout: 7,20 USD
Traffic: Adult


Rank-adult is an adult dating offer that features a heating pre-landing, which leads to two different high-converting LPs. Both of them feature an easy flow and generate leads greatly. We can also offer you top-converting animated banners — get creatives here.



By the way, if you want to run traffic from mobile apps in 2020, but don't know where to start, read this article our friends from CPAbout wrote. Use the advantages of using mobile apps in affiliate marketing efficiently!


AFFMY’s focus is your profit! 


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