2020 Oct 16


🎃 Halloween is right around the corner, and while you are thinking about what you should wear, get the maximum profit from these top offers! 🎃


Offer ID: 2379 - Jucydate - RS
Revenue Share: 80%
Traffic: Adult


Jucydate is an exciting adult dating offers made for those who prefer one-night stands over long-term relationships. You should run your traffic on Jucydate because:


  1. It gives you a unique opportunity to earn more: you'll receive a portion of all monetization. And we are not talking just about sales but of all user's actions on Jucydate. The possibilities are endless - get ready to receive a lot of conversions (we are not joking - you might get about 50 leads from the involved user) and high EPC;
  2. The landing has a nice design — it looks like a social media, which will increase users' trust for sure; 
  3. Push and banner traffic work the best on this dating offer, given a ratio of up to 1:12;
  4. Canada, UK and USA are the top converting geos.


Offer ID: 2324 - LiveYourWetDream - SOI CPL
Payout: 3,55 USD
Traffic: Adult


LiveYourWetDreams is an adult dating offer for users who are looking for like-minded people. It will monetize your traffic greatly because: 


  1. This is your chance to start earning on a non-competitive marketIt accepts traffic from rare geos like Puerto-Rico, South Africa and Ireland;
  2. LiveYourWetDreams shows good results on native traffic and banners;
  3. USA, UK and Canada convert the best.


Offer ID:  2321 - WhatsSexy - SOI CPL
Payout: up to 5,80 USD
Traffic: Adult


This offer is perfect for those who are looking for a quick and meaningless hookup. It is perfect for your traffic because:


  1. WhatsSexy features several landing pages, and the site has tons of heating features, making a user want to complete the registration ASAP and start chatting with other members;
  2. The offer shows great results on desktop banner traffic, and our partners got their ratio up to 1:7;
  3. Germany is the top converting geo. 


Feel free to grab as many offers as you want! Get rich this October and...



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